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The Bright Forest

Once upon a time, there was a good witch called Goodypie. They called her so, because instead of making magic potions she made pies. The old and wise, kind wizards had given her the mission to break the spell made by wicked wizards and witches. She did this by making delicious pies and not magic potions like all the others did. So if someone wanted to break an evil spell they went to Goodypie and just ate a pie. In this simple way, his or her troubles would be over. Goodypie made her pies from herbs and flowers found in the Bright Forest. They were all vegetable pies. Goodypie with her husband Mr. Goodweather — they called him so, because he loved good weather and when the weather was bad he turned it into sunny weather with his magic wand — they had a daughter called Marily.

Marily was only 4 years old when something really horrible took place that would change the lives of this small happy, magic family.

A bad witch called Meanloudmouth—called so because her wild yelling and screaming could be heard all the way to planet Jupiter—was furious with Goodypie because when every living creature ate her pies, they would be set free of her spell. Neither people nor animals would be so afraid of her. A wicked witch’s worst nightmare is for no one to be scared of her!

On the other hand, Goodypie was respected and loved because she was very kind and always helped others without asking for anything in return. As she herself said, it made her very happy when she could help others and the only thing she wanted was to see everybody happy.

So one day Meanloudmouth was so furious with Goodypie that she planned something terrible with the greatest of pleasure! She made the worst ever magic potion and sprayed it over all the flowers and plants of the Bright Forest which brought out the most wonderful sweet aroma any man or animal had ever smelled!  All kinds of noses were intoxicated by this amazing, incredible aroma! It drove noses crazy!

But whoever smelled for some time these flowers or ate any herbs and fruit, became in a blink of an eye, the worst person ever! Goodypie didn’t know that when she went to the forest to pick herbs and flowers for her pie. She didn’t find it strange that they had such a marvelous aroma, because she thought that Mr. Goodweather did this with his magic wand to give her a surprise.

Mr. Goodweather always changed autumn or winter into summer. Now it seems, thought Goodypie, that her husband brought spring to the forest to make her happy. Goodypie picked some of the flowers and herbs of the Bright Forest and went singing and hopping along to her quaint little home. She would make the most delicious and tasty herb pie ever!

She filled a huge pot with water and threw in all the flowers and herbs she had picked. When she lit the fire under the pot, the most wonderful fragrance filled the small family’s fairytale house. Marily’s little nose started tingling from the awesome scent. She approached the big pot and because she couldn’t reach to see what was in it, she pulled up a stool, hopped on it and looked inside with great curiosity. What she saw enchanted her. All the flowers and herbs were slowly whirling around but there was something else, not moving in the spinning water. It was a house!

She could see it clearly. There was a wooden house with two grey-black clouds. It didn’t have any door or windows. One cloud was exactly on the top of the house like a roof and the other was at the bottom like a floor. The two clouds and the house between them looked like a big, strange sandwich! Suddenly, this bizarre looking house opened in two like a huge mouth and in a very sweet voice invited Marily to come inside. 

“Marily, Marily come inside”, it said.

Marily put her hand in the water to touch the house but the wooden grey house moved! She tried again and again and the same thing happened. Suddenly, the house which was moving on the surface of the hot water, started sinking slowly to the bottom of the pot. The sweet voice didn’t stop calling Marily to come inside. Marily put her hand in again to touch the house but she couldn’t, so she stretched out her arm to try and reach the house but still couldn’t! She stretched more and that’s when the horrible incident happened.

Splash!  Marily fell into the pot with the plants and flowers which Meanloudmouth had sprinkled with the world’s worst ever magic potion! Fortunately, her mom Goodypie, managed to catch her leg just in time and quickly pulled her out of the pot with the water that had just started to boil! Terrified, Goodypie hugged her tenderly and asked her anxiously:

“Oh my god! Are you ok my love?’’

Little Marily’s eyes began to change colour. Their soft blue was now turning into deep black. Her sweet face suddenly became fierce and hard. She glared at her mom and shouted at her very angrily: “Put me down you stupid, old woman or I will turn you into a centipede with no legs!’’

Goodypie, her mouth open in surprise and agitation, immediately put Marily down on the floor and told her:

“What’s happened to you my baby?’’

“Don’t ever call me like that again because you won’t get away from me! I am not your baby anymore!’’

She looked at her mom with eyes full of hatred and cruelty. She ran to the front door opened it and disappeared into the dense Bright Forest. She didn’t even look behind her. She was no longer the sweet little Marily. She was a totally different child. She was mean! Very mean! The meanest of all! Meanloudmouth’s worst magic potion had done its job just fine.
Goodypie lost her lovely little girl, once and for all!

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