Badfreaky – The Meanest Witch by Konstantinos V.E. Adamopoulos is simply an adorable story with imaginative characters and story line. There are some very valuable life lessons cleverly weaved into the plot such as the importance of kindness, manners, and caring for the environment.There are also scenes of peer pressure, disrespect of elders and a harsh lesson on the consequences of misjudged action. The illustrations are vivid and filled with beautiful details that enhance the story and really bring the characters and scenery to life. I loved the names of the characters, especially Badfreaky, Meanloudmouth, and Goodwhitebeard. There are some comical moments but mostly this is an action-packed,magical adventure story filled with tension with some very clever plot twists. I thought the addition of questions and puzzles for the reader was an excellent idea. A great read for any child in middle school. Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

Enchanting and enthralling…
Adamopoulos’s middle grade debut installment in The life of Badfreaky the witch series woos readers with it fantastic blend of magic and mayhem. Four-year-old Marily lives in the Bright Forest with her family. Her life changes forever after she accidentally falls into a cauldron boiling with a magic potion, transforming into Badfreaky, the meanest witch. Expertly woven narrative and an escalating plot filled with deeply realized, entertaining characters and atmospheric setting keep readers turning pages. Tension stays ripe with suspense in the background, and twists and surprises are in plenty. Engrossing and layered, Marily’s story brings a modern feel to long-lasting fairy tale tropes, and the brightly colored, eye-catching illustrations add to the fun. Messages about caution, good versus evil are infused effortlessly into the narrative. An age-old theme with a fresh twist, expert pacing,and shocking revelations make this a winning choice for lovers of middle grade fantasy.
Prairies Book Review

“A whimsical and wickedly fun read that leaps off the page in vivid and detailed illustrations, Badfreaky: The Meanest Witch is a wildly creative children’s book. The images are mesmerizing and this smile-inducing story is an unpredictable delight.”
Self-Publishing Review

Published by badfreaky

I am a teacher at a Primary School in Athens, Greece. I live here with my wife and my daughter Marily. I like sports, traveling and fairy tales. This book is the first of a series of books. Why do I write these books? "I remember it was Christmas when something most unexpected happened in my dream. You will of course say that this happens often in dreams, but my dream exceeded all imagination. So in my world of dreams, an uninvited witch visited me. Yes, you have correctly guessed. It was Badfreaky! She said in a strict tone: "Constantine, as from today even, you are going to start writing my story. It is very important to me that you write about it exactly the way I tell it to you, so children can find out what trials I have lived through. My life was an endless adventure and I think that people have a lot to learn from it. Listen carefully to what I have to say and hold on to it. If you don't write my story, or don't write it exactly the way I tell it to you, then beware; you poor thing! I will turn you into a blind, deaf and cripple centipede! Just so that you suffer all of your life!" Naturally, I got very scared and I began writing her story. Up to this moment, I must have done something right, because I am still human. If however, on your way, you meet a centipede walking crookedly, not knowing which way it's going, I beg you; please don't hurt her because it might be me, transformed!"

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